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COVID-19 in Canada

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The Latest COVID-19 News in Canada

The consumer price index rose 3.1 per cent in June on a year-over-year basis, down from the 3.6 per cent increase the month before.... Read more
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Meanwhile, Japan’s vaccination minister said the speed of the country's inoculation campaign is less urgent than getting shots to young people.... Read more
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VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — The group representing doctors in B.C. is lauding the province for its latest push to get more people vaccinated, suggesting healthcare workers who haven’t gotten the jab should get in line. Calling the latest drive by the province to get the rest of the province vaccinated... Read more
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With B.C. well into construction season, the Work Zone Safety Alliance is reminding drivers to respect cone zones, or face heavy fines.... Read more
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On the heels of a weekend of double-digit daily COVID-19 cases, B.C. has recorded 150 new infections, the highest figure in over six weeks.... Read more
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It was one of the first major events to go ahead post-pandemic, and now organizers say the low number of cases shows the effectiveness of public health measures... Read more
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New tools help emotions from getting in the way of smart financial decisions The post How Robo-Advisors Help You Ride Out the Investment Roller Coaster appeared first on Read more
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Richmond Night Market organizers say they'll sell fewer tickets, stagger entry, and require masks in some areas after concerns were raised over crowding.... Read more
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By Hana Mae Nassar
The prime minister is cautioning against thinking everyone else getting vaccinated against COVID-19 will protect you if you choose not to get the shot.... Read more
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By Denise Wong
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